Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not An Illusion

You scrub your hands
until skin falls off
like red snow flakes
but you cannot stop.
You know his eyes will see
the microgerms speckling
your skin like a forbidden tattoo.
You wish you can sprinkle
gold dust in the air
and embrace the illusion.
But you will not turn back
because you love him.

April 2, 2009

Monday, June 16, 2008

There is hope

for retinitis pigmentosa patients: Breaking News from the Foundation Fighting Blindness

This is good news. Although any "cure" may not be able to reach my father regionally or timely in the near future, I am happy for all sufferers of this genetic disease.

It's so devastasting to know that a non-curable disease is creeping up on you progressively, making you blind one day. At least, they now have hope.

But I will not let my father know about this as the news would cause him more harm than good; a simple case of so near yet so far. I can imagine how he feels at his age and in his condition. During my bad times, I feel so sad ......

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Disappointment

Firstly, I was disappointed at the loss of Michael Johns in the top four.

Like in Achuleta, I see qualities that I felt the world had lost and which should be brought back.

Young David was amazing the last night. He mesmerised the audience and the judges and outshone Cook. He was just great on stage, charismatic and with a presence that overpowered his opponent.

We do not have to be politically correct all the time and we should recognise uniqueness when we see it.

Seriously, it was a singing competition and Archuleta sang really very well, unique in his own way. Cook was straining to hit the notes and his voice was not as powerful as Archuleta or Johns.

Cook may seem more "musical" to some people who thought that that was THE THING that make an American Idol, and I thought to myself, is it or should it be exactly what we are looking for in American Idol? So a mediocre singer who is very "musical" can be an Americal Idol?

Cook won by 12 million votes; someone mentioned landslide victory. It left me wondering why I'm not one of the crowd and I do like rock music.

With no disrespect to Cook, the result left a bad taste in my mouth. The younger David was just too stunning that final night.

I may have more to say later (or not).  I'll probably be shot down soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

AI - Top 10

Tonight, Amanda was voted off. I think it should have been Kristy Lee Cook. Amanda should have been given a chance to go on tour as she should be able to give more interesting performances than Kristy who I find is pretty boring. Well, America has voted and Kristy gets to meet Dolly Parton.

That said, I think Michael Johns should be in the top two this season. To me, he's already a star. He has a great voice and a good range. I think he can tackle almost any songs which is why he hasn't find his niche yet. Maybe he should try do a good soul song next week and he should have more confidence in himself. He's very good.

The other star is David Archuleta. He has a big voice and hits the right pitch most of the time. I think he should stick to the songs he can sing well. If he needs to do a fast song, he can do something like 'Shop Around' which he did pretty good.